Innovative Management Practices

Round Table Management System: Wherein the system of participative management type is followed. The inputs of workers and staff alike are taken into consideration while devising the plans and policies. The workers and Board of Management sit together on the day of the round table meets.

Moreover, Bichaar days are held where the various problems of the workers are solved.

Adorxo Dukaan: Subsidized Ration shop for the workers. It is a revolutionary concept as the big corporate houses provide only Rice and Wheat Flour to the workers. But we provide all essential commodities to them.

Project Xarothi: Apart from mandatory PF, this is a voluntary internal financial support scheme for the employees. This too, is a first of its kind project. Company provides a base amount of Rs. 10000 to this scheme and the workers contribute Rs 100 per month towards it. The workers can then avail financial benefits for specific and emergency requirements. The main attraction of this scheme is that at the end of the financial year the workers will not only be returned their annual contribution, but will also be given 15% extra on the same as well.

Force 10: One of its kind scheme where a special team of 10 educated youths are trained directly under the Managing Director wherein they are taught all the tricks of tea manufacturing and office related functions as well. The Force 10 is like a Special operations Group.

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